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I look to achieve the exceptional by working collaboratively, I have the courage to risk new ways of doing things and the ability to see the world the way customers see it. I would like to say that I'm a creative problem-solver, someone who's there to ensure we stay ahead in an ever-changing world

I've been working at Maersk for almost 3 years, however I joined Maersk as an apprentice to study Digital Marketing.

The day after I started at Maersk, we suffered one of the most severe cyber-attacks faced by any organisation. It was a trial by fire, but it only fuelled the passion to do what I can to assist in the recovery of its entire IT estate. I was lucky enough to be featured in an article written by Maersk that explains what happened; "When the screens went black".

I'm currently supporting Maersk Transport & Logistics: IT Support, Operations and Engineering as an IT Engagement Specialist. Working within Production Services to help deliver operational excellence and aid the journey to become the global integrator of container logistics, connecting and simplifying our customers’ supply chains.

The technology landscape is ever changing within Maersk, understanding what the strategy and vision is for the company, and how that translates within the organisations functions, is what allows the employees to work toward that. It’s my job to work with the functional leadership team to communicate a common understanding of the strategy and vision, enabling everyone to know their work is making a difference.

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